The State Memorial and Natural Preserve "Museum-estate of Leo Tolstoy "Yasnaya Polyana"
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The village of Grumant, which used to be owned by the Volkonsky-Tolstoy family, is located 3 km from Yasnaya Polyana. It got its name in the time of Tolstoy’s grandfather Prince Nikolai Volkonsky, who had served as a military governour in Arkhangelsk: Grumant was the Russian name of the isle of Spitzbergen. There was a dairy farm there. The Tolstoy family often went to Grumant, and those trips were among Tolstoy’s most charming childhood recollections.

«It was a lovely place, and it was really delightful not only to drink milk and cream with rye bread there, cold and thick like sour cream, or to watch people fishing, but just to be there, to run uphill and downhill, to the pond and from the pond...

Just like everything my grandfather had built was elegant and not vulgar, and firm, solid and fundamental, so too was the house with a milk cellar. It was wooden, with light windows and shutters, with a large solid door, with a wooden divan and a table with big drawers… The house stood behind the village of four or five peasant homesteads, at the place that was called a garden and was very beautiful, with a view of the Voronka winding along the valley among the meadows, with forests on both sides. In that garden, there was a wood over a ravine in which there was a cold free-flowing spring with excellent water. From there, water was brought to the manour-house every day. And ahead of the ravine, and in a line with it, there was a big deep and cold spring-fed pond with... tenches, breams... and even sterlets» (Leo Tolstoy. Recollections).

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