The State Memorial and Natural Preserve "Museum-estate of Leo Tolstoy "Yasnaya Polyana"
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Learning Russian

At Yasnaya Polyana, his ancestral estate, Leo Tolstoy lived and worked for about sixty years. In the writer's lifetime, people from all parts of the world started to come here.

Now the Leo Tolstoy Museum-estate “Yasnaya Polyana” is one of Russia's major cultural centers, which attracts people interested in Russian culture and the heritage of the great writer Leo Tolstoy.

It is no wonder that museum based courses of Russian as a foreign language were established here. The idea of the courses belongs to Rita Tolstoy – teacher at the International Education Center of the Moscow State University, with her 50-year professional experience. It is so nice and easy to learn the Russian language at Yasnaya Polyana, where everything is permeated with the spirit of the 19 th century and that of Russian literature, the atmosphere and history of Russian country estates.

Masha_i_YanRussian Courses at Yasnaya Polyana mean

- world-recognized teaching methods of the International Education Center (Moscow State University named after Mikhail Lomonosov)

- skilled and experienced teachers

- programs for all ages and levels (from beginning to advanced)

- various periods of study (from week-end courses to long-term ones, up to several months)

- both group and individual classes (from 1 to 8 people)

- large selection of special courses (conversational Russian course (difficulties of Russian grammar, business Russian course, course for children, course “Russian Culture”, Russian literature and history, special course «Leo Tolstoy»)

Classes are mainly aimed at giving foreign students practical skills in the Russian language, teaching them to understand spoken Russian, to read, write and speak Russian, and to use Russian in various fields and communicative situations. Besides, students have an opportunity to get acquainted with Russian culture and Leo Tolstoy's works.

We specially focus on:

- fluent and correct spoken Russian

- enlarging your vocabulary

- listening comprehension

- Russian grammar

Teaching is based on communicative methods, mediatory language is not used. Students not only learn words and rules, but first of all they learn to understand and speak Russian. During the classes, we use different forms of teaching, such as role plays, reading and discussing texts, grammatical and lexical trainings. We are always trying to find an individual approach to every student; we are flexible and ready to meet all your needs.

Our Book

For those interested in Leo Tolstoy's life and works our teachers wrote the reader “The World of Yasnaya Polyana”.

The World of Yasnaya Polyana: Reader. Edited by R. A. Tolstaya. – Tula: Yasnaya Polyana Publishing House, 2007

The book is meant for intermediate and advanced learners. It contains a selection of texts as well as questions and tasks. The texts will tell readers about Leo Tolstoy's family and friends. You will come to know why the writer kept a diary all his life and what kind of music he liked, you will see how holidays were celebrated in the Tolstoy family and the way the Yasnaya Polyana school used to work.

Our teachers use the reader in class, but you can also study and read it on your own.

The reader can be obtained at the museum book stall at Yasnaya Polyana, at the museum book store in Tula (Oktyabrskaya st., 12) or ordered at  +7 (48751) 76090     


YanaCultural and Tour Program

Depending on the student's wishes, we are happy to offer

-  tour of the Tolstoy House and the Yasnaya Polyana estate (included in the course price)

- tours of museums in Tula and Moscow

- first-hand acquaintance with Russian traditional crafts (traditional Yasnaya Polyana ceramics, wickerwork, weaving, wood-carving)

- tea-party in a 19 th -century peasant house

- horse-back riding at Yasnaya Polyana

High Quality Services

We offer you

- assistance in getting Russian visa

- transfer

- accommodation in the comfortable museum hotel

- Russian cuisine at the museum café “Preshpekt” (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

Our students


Jan von Heiroth, Finland

«Here, at Yasnaya Polyana, there are wonderful and enthusiastic teachers, it is very easy to learn Russian with them. They teach grammar in a very intelligible way. And I like it. I feel that I understand».

Kerstin Röhner-Broschell, Germany

«These courses are worth attending, it is worth while coming here. It is interesting, and one can learn and know very much».

Catherine Pauly, Germany

«I didn't think that I would be able to learn so much and understand the grammar. I am working as hard, as I can…

… I like Russia very much. Before, I only read about Russia, but never visited it. And I feared that, probably, people here are not like I imagined them. It is not so. The people are just like in books by Tolstoy».

Adrian Hunziker , Switzerland

«Yasnaya Polyana is located quite close to Moscow. And I was sure, I would find true Russian culture here. I learned a lot about Tolstoy, I began to understand Russian grammar better, and I learned plenty of new words. I liked everything very much. The hotel is quiet and nice. The “Preshpekt” café is not far from the hotel, and I had an opportunity to walk and watch the beautiful nature».


Marie-Francoise Lagente-Sacy, France

«This month enriched my knowledge of Russian grammar… I am grateful to all who helped me to have such a wonderful time at Yasnaya Polyana. All the best, and see you next year!»

Christel Pache, Germany

«Thank you very much for your efforts. With gratitude I say good-buy to Russia and Yasnaya Polyana. In Germany, I will tell my friends only good things about you, and I will be happy to come here again».

You are welcome to Yasnaya Polyana!

Russia, 301214, Tula Region, Shchekino District,

p/o Yasnaya Polyana

Tel.: +7 48751 76090      

Tel./fax:  +7 4872 386709      

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