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Lecture by Irina Surat

SuratMay 19, 2018 at 15:00

Yasnaya Polyana Cultural Center

As part of our Unsystematic Literature Course for Everybody (part four), Irina Surat, a researcher of Russianliterature, will speak at Yasnaya Polyana. Her lecture will be on Two Journeys: Mandelshtam and Pushkin.

Admission is free, but registration in advance is required. Register here:

In 1930, Osip Mandelshtam made a journey to Armenia; the trip resulted in his proze and his return to writing poems after a break of five years. During his trip Mandelshtam was thinking about Pushkin who had traveled to Arzrum a century before. The lecturer will speak about those two trips and two travelogues -  two traveller’s essays that “resonate” with each other being a century apart.

„Where does a poet take “both the music and the word” – out of what kind of nothingness or rubbish, out of knowledge or subconsciousness, from books or dreams? Practically each one of Mandelshtam’s poems contains an echo of somebody else’s words, but the presence of Pushkin in his work is so natural and constant that there is a good reason to raise an issue of the Pushkinian tradtition.” (Irina Surat. Mandelshtam and Pushkin // Novy Mir, 2003, №11)

Background information:

Irina Surat is a Russian philologist, critic, A.S. Pushkin scholar. Doctor of philology, senior research assistant of the department of classical Russian literature at the Institute of World Literature. Winner of the awards by the Novy Mir magazine (1995, 2003), the Zvezda magazine (2008), and of the Bella Russian/Italian book award (2014). Author of the books The Life and the Lyre. On Pushkin (1995), Pushkin: Biography and Lyrics (1999), Pushkin: A Short Sketch of His Life and Work (co-authored by S.G. Bocharov, 2002), Essays on Mandelshtam (2005), Mandelshtam and Pushkin (2009), The Sun of Yesterday. On Pushkin and Pushkinists (2009), and A Man in Verse and Prose. Sketches of Russian Literature of the 19th – 21st Centuries (2017).

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