The State Memorial and Natural Preserve "Museum-estate of Leo Tolstoy "Yasnaya Polyana"
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Museum Night at Yasnaya Polyana

_May 19, 2018  
Area in front of the Tolstoy House
Yasnaya Polyana Gallery

This year, Yasnaya Polyana will join the international Museum Night event for the fifth time. Special events will take place at two venues: the Yasnaya Polyana Estate and the Gallery in Tula.

ON THE VERANDA OF THE TOLSTOY HOUSE and in front of it, students of the Russian Institute of Theater Arts will recite extracts from the novel War and Peace. Teacher – Irina Avtushenko, assistant professor, scenic speech department.

Young actors from the studio of Evgeny Kamenkovich and Dmitry Krymov will try to avoid the traditional understanding of the characters of the novel, to see real people in them, and to get into the spirit of their ethical quest. According to the participants in the production, their work is based on a “wish to hear Tolstoy’s intonation in the context of our generation, and to introduce it into the polyphony of the present day.”


The studio of Evgeny Kamenkovich and Dmitry Krymov is an experimental course of joint education for actors, directors, and stage designers at the stage directing faculty of the Russian Institute of Theater Arts. “Probably, I demand too much from the students, but I picked it up from Dmitry Krymov who sets such high standards that he wouldn’t even give any consideration to ideas if they are not brilliant. I think it’s right. Krymov’s and mine theater systems are absolutely different, but we follow the same line,” says Evgeny Kamenkovich about the work of the studio.

Students of the Institute have already performed at Yasnaya Polyana as part of the Museum Night‘s program. In 2014, when our museum joined this event for the first time, they read extracts from Anna Karenina, War and Peace, Family Happiness, and Father Sergius; in 2015, the guests of the estate listened to their reading of The Sevastopol Tales.

Duration – 1 hour 50 minutes.

Age limit: 10 years and up

Starts at 20:30. Admission is free, redistration in advance is required:

AT THE YASNAYA POLYANA GALLERY (Tula, Oktyabrskaya St., 12) and in its courtyard, the visitors will hear a story of some crafts‘ traditions and their continuation nowadays. In addition, under the guidance of experienced craftsmen, our guests will be able to make ceramic souvenirs on their own. From 11:00 to 22:00, it will be possible to buy postcards and books related to Tula’s crafts and history at the Yasnaya Polyana Bookstore. An exhibition and sale of Yasnaya Polyana ceramics and other souvenirs will take place at the All Arts Souvenir Shop.

The program includes:

Guided tour: The History of the 18th-Century City Estates of the Zaretskaya Side and Their Owners. Millionnaya Street in an Old Postcard.

Our museum‘s branch in Oktyabrskaya street is located in two buidings of the late 18th century: the house of the gunsmith Ivan Kobylin (the gallery) and the house of the merchant Timofei Plakhov (the publishing house). Participants in the guided tour will get acquianted with the history of those buidings; in the house of the merchant Plakhov, they will see vaulted ceilings, a cast-iron staircase, and a cellar typical of an 18th-century house in Tula. The tour starts at 19:50 and 21:20.

Exhibition: Russian Primitivists

All day long (11:00 – 22:00) it will be possible to visit an exhibition showing over 40 works by two outstanding Russian primitivist artists - Efim Chestnyakov and Dmitry Shagin (the permanent head and inspiration of the legendary Mitki movement). The two artists’ works are simultaneously opposed to and complementary of each other. They were created in different epochs and influenced by different ideas, but they are united by the natural artistic language they use to communicate with the viewer.

Presentation of the Yasnaya Polyana ceramics, and workshops


Our craftsmen will show how the unique Yasnaya Polyana ceramics (with plant patterns done in the technique of engobe painting,i.e. painting with clays of different colours) is created. The participants in the workshop will learn to model objects from clay, work on a potter’s wheel, and paint on ceramic items. The workshops start at 17:30, 18:20, and 19:10.

Lecture: Tula Crafts

The members of the Russian Artists’ Union Irina Bezhina and Olga Andreeva, and the children’s poet Ekaterina Kayurova will tell the audience about the history and revival of the Tula city toy. The lecture starts at 20:40.

Detailed information at +7 4872 476712

Age limit: 6 years and up

Admission is free.

Background information:


Museum Night is an annual event dedicated to International Museum Day that is celebrated on May 18. Its main goal is to increase the audience‘s interest in art. The event is taking place in Russia for the 12th time. Each year, many museums and art galleries prepare special programs and offer their visitors the chance to see their exhibitons in the evening and at night. The topic of this year is Masterpieces from Storages.

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